The climate team
A playground for smart and ambitious people

New possibilities

Nitor’s Climate team is the latest addition to our trading desk. The team has experience in trading and risk management, and the traders are supported by analysts with extensive analysis tools that give us an edge in the market. At the same time, we utilize our experience in business development to seek new opportunities. Looking forward, we are dedicated to using our experience, skills, and curiosity to find even more business opportunities in this highly regulated market.


In short


The focus for Nitor’s Climate team is to ramp up our activities and turn every stone along the way. An important success factor is understanding the markets and adapting to the highly regulated and ever-changing markets.


We trade EUAs and UKAs based on our analysis tools and have expanded our portfolio to include participating in auctions and trading options. This enables us to balance our risk-taking approach.


The emission allowance market is relatively new and, therefore, perfect for young talents to develop their origination and trading skills. This means that talents can train their ability to adapt to market regulations and be creative when searching for new opportunities.


In cooperation with our analysts, we constantly adapt our analysis tools to find patterns and interesting price levels. This enables us to always present an educated opinion about the market price.