Nitor’s Leadership Group has extensive experience in trading, business development, IT, operations, and management gained through various positions across several companies in the industry over the years.

The Senior Leadership Group, which includes the three founders, is in charge of achieving the company’s overall strategic goals as well as overall responsibility for their respective areas.

The Team Leaders are in charge of streamlining day-to-day operations and laying the foundation for future success.

When starting in Gas Trading around 2011 our generation came with Excel and VBA which brought a certain degree of automation. Back then, the business was very manual and without a lot of intelligence. After our Excel/VBA generation came the Matlab R generation. Now at Nitor we don’t use VBA or R but do everything straight in our own software. Because we started out as a software company, coding, IT Infrastructure and using the most modern IT solutions is part of our DNA. The unique deep understanding of trading and coding and the overlap between coders trading as well and traders coding results in a very quick delivery of the right software with a relatively small staff.



Executing Mindset


Strong Team Spirit


Best Idea wins


Always strive to improve

Talent Development


At Nitor, we provide opportunities for talents to develop their skills. We take great pride in creating the best possible environment for personal and professional growth.


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